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Stop The Hate For Profit,Stop Hate for Profit | Color Of Change|2020-06-26

Patagonia Joins "Stop Hate For Profit" Campaign And Pulls …

Provide more support to people who are targets of racism, antisemitism and hate.The “Stop Hate for Profit” initiative was revealed on June 17 by group of civil rights organizations including The Anti-Defamation League, NAACP, Sleeping Giants, Color Of Change, Free Press and Common Sense.Facebook spreads disinformation, hatred, white supremacy, bigotry, racism, antisemitism, and violence.CEO Oren Frank offered this blunt assessment.By choosing to halt ads for July, companies are doing their part to make it easier for messages demanding justice for Black people to reach a larger audience online.George Floyd was murdered, his life stolen.Have an amazing project to share? The Electronics Show and Tell is every Wednesday at 7pm ET! To join, head over to YouTube and check out the show’s live chat – we’ll post the link there.

Patagonia, TNF Join Stop Hate For Profit Campaign …

The goal of the campaign, though, isn’t solely to hit Facebook in the wallet.“Let’s send Facebook a powerful message,” write the Color Of Change and Stop Hate for Profit teams.“Patagonia is proud to join the ‘Stop Hate for Profit’ campaign.But they are actively choosing not to do so.We will pull all ads on Facebook and Instagram, effective immediately, through at least the end of July, pending meaningful action from the social media giant.For instructions on how to disable your ad blocker, click here.Thus far, both The North Face and REI revealed on June 19 that they will participate.The list of requests from the campaign are simple and actionable:.With over two billion monthly users, Facebook has the power to significantly impact society and the world.“The campaign is a response to Facebook’s long history of allowing racist, violent, and verifiably false content to run rampant on its platform,” Stop Hate for Profit organizers explained.

Social Justice Orgs Launch The #StopHateForProfit Campaign …

We are angry, frustrated, and in pain because of the violence and murder of Black people by the police because of racism.Patagonia shared a Twitter thread on Sunday, saying it ….Inspiring Keynote Speaker, Co-Author ‘Good is the New Cool:.And what has allowed Facebook to continue racist practices is the $70B of revenue from corporations every year.Registry of Corporate Directors.No, in fact, in this moment it’s important that businesses that join this fight choose to use their social channels to lift up content from Black organizations and creators.Ben & Jerry’s is the latest company to join a growing number of brands boycotting Facebook ads in July.— The North Face (@thenorthface) June 19, 2020.Along with Patagonia and The North Face, Eddie Bauer and American outdoor equipment company REI Co-op have pledged to withdraw Facebook ad campaigns through the month of July.

Patagonia, The North Face And More Join #StopHateForProfit …

You can read the full Patagonia statement below, and head over to the “Stop Hate for Profit” site for more information about the campaign.It is the latest company to pledge to halt ad spending on Facebook over concerns hate speech and incitement to violence are not being moderated on the platform.“We believe that in this cultural moment of pain, that normal is not good enough, and we all need to drive positive change immediately.By choosing to halt ads for July, companies are doing their part to make it easier for messages demanding justice for Black people to reach a larger audience online.Stop breadboarding and soldering – start making immediately! Adafruit’s Circuit Playground is jam-packed with LEDs, sensors, buttons, alligator clip pads and more.Provide more support to people who are targets of racism, antisemitism and hate.

Social Justice Orgs Launch The #StopHateForProfit Campaign …

Facebook responded to the campaign saying it remains focused on the work of removing hate speech and providing voting information.Unfortunately, we have been forced to rely on paid ads because Facebook has gone out of their way to limit our ability to organically reach audiences, even to reach Color Of Change members.If you have already whitelisted us, simply refresh this page.PODCASTSSistersInc.Jun 24, 2020Patagonia has recently joined ranks with North Face, REI, and Ben and Jerry’s in the Stop Hate for Profit campaign.Civil rights organizations have been pressuring the company to keep going by bringing in senior-level civil rights expertise that can continue the work.The Stop Hate For Profit website goes even further in its condemnation: “(Facebook) allowed incitement to violence against protesters fighting for racial justice in America in the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade,  Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks and so many others.

Patagonia Boycotts Facebook And Instagram; Joins Stop Hate …

A whole wide world of electronics and coding is waiting for you, and it fits in the palm of your hand.The statement continues, reading, “They allowed incitement to violence against protesters fighting for racial justice in America in the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks and so many others.How will companies that sign on be recognized?.Patagonia tweeted that it is “proud to join the Stop Hate for Profit campaign” and that it has taken down ads on Facebook and Instagram until at least the end of July, “pending meaningful action from the social media giant.The statement continued, “From secure elections to a global pandemic to racial justice, the stakes are too high to sit back and let the company continue to be complicit in spreading disinformation and fomenting fear and hatred.Doing so will impact Facebook’s advertising revenue until they take meaningful action to address the spread of bigotry and misinformation on their platform.

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Super 5 star breakfast casserole recipes
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