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Chop 16 Year Old Killed,PICTURED: 16-year-old boy shot dead inside CHOP | Armenian|2020-07-03

Seattle Police Chief Says ‘Enough Is Enough’ After 2 Teens …

So this is a real problem.“Safety is the city’s first priority, and planning is ongoing for how to safely transition the Capitol Hill area.Occupiers are refusing to leave until their demands are met.Please be warned that the Sputnik administration may refuse to publish your blog if the proposed content does not satisfy our rules and requirements.The mayor finally ordered barricades to be removed near the precinct and the police building was boarded up.Two teenage boys, aged 16 and 14, were shot in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP) area on Monday. Armed security inside Seattle’s ‘occupied’ protest zone fired 300 rounds on the night they shot dead a black 16-year-old boy driving a Jeep, based on one eyewitness.Others helped get the other victim to a point outside CHOP to meet Seattle Fire’s Medic 1, which then brought him to Harborview.

16 Year Old Killed In Chop|One Dead, 14-year-old Injured …

Protesters occupied several blocks around Cal Anderson Park and the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct for about three weeks.They’re Democrat-run, in all cases.‘Enough is enough,’ Best said.Jun 29, 2020Members of CHOP security openly carry around pistols and other weapons.A 14-year-old boy, who has not been publicly named, was also critically wounded during the shooting.Jack, who emphasized his views came from his perspective of a white man who was a participant but not an organizer of the CHOP, said the region wasn’t really meant to be a permanent autonomous zone and was always meant to function until the city met the demonstrator’s demands.“It’s unfortunate that we have yet another murder in this area identified as the CHOP. Terms of Use Privacy Notice Your Ad Choices Sitemap.

One Man Is Dead And Another Wounded After Seattle CHOP …

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, a Democrat who served as US attorney under former President Barack Obama, has also been facing calls to resign from people on both sides of the political divide over her handling of protests in the city and Chop."The typical things we search for in a shooting like this weren't there and it's abundantly clear to our detectives that people had been in and out of the car after the shooting.Two African American men dead at a place that they claim to be working for ‘black lives matter.’ .He also said the group has no plans to secede.According to local media, the area is largely peaceful during the day, with people relaxing in the park while volunteers hand out free food.Although the site was initially occupied by hundreds of peaceful protesters, this is the fourth shooting within the boundaries of Chop in the last 10 days.

PICTURED: 16-year-old Boy Shot Dead Inside CHOP | Armenian …

>>Seattle protest zone remains largely intact.Witnesses reported seeing a white Jeep SUV near one of the makeshift barriers around the protest zone about 3 a. “I just had to just keep telling people – get him in the vehicle,” said Raz Simone, who drove another Good Samaritan’s car to the hospital with the victim inside. She gave no indication of how police planned to return the East Precinct, or when that would happen.According to local media, the area is largely peaceful during the day, with people relaxing in the park while volunteers hand out free food.Horace Lorenzo Anderson, the father of 19 year old black kid killed in the Seattle CHOP zone, appeared on Sean Hannity’s show and told a terrible story.Police say witnesses told 911 dispatchers that they saw several unidentified people firing shots into the vehicle but made no made no mention of whether the teens were armed and fired first.

PICTURED: 16-year-old Boy Shot Dead Inside CHOP

Best said the shootings are obscuring the message of racial justice that protesters say they are promoting.Still, the immediate future of the area is unclear, he said, amid the shootings and officials’ plans to return the police force to Capitol Hill.But they’re gone, they’re dead now,” the police chief said.When investigators arrived, they found a white Jeep Cherokee riddled with bullet holes on 12th Avenue between Pike and Pine, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best told Komo News.“We need to retaliate.They said they’ve sometimes been threatened for photographing protesters in public areas or for cleaning graffiti off their storefronts.The pair were driving a car that appeared to ram the barriers surrounding the Capitol Hill Organized/Occupied Protest zone in the early hours of Monday morning before a fatal shootout.

PICTURED: 16-year-old Boy Shot Dead Inside CHOP

Police have released a video documenting the acts of violence inside CHOP over the last couple weeks; gunmen have emerged prowling on the night of Mays Jr’s death.At 03:30 from the Chop area on Capitol Hill in Seattle has unfortunately died, the statement added.In one series of tweets, she called capitalism a “police state” and said the crimes and killing inside CHOP “underscores the urgency to Defund police by at least 50 percent.Mike Solan, a police officer who serves as president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, told The Epoch Times that from what he knows, city officials and organizers of the zone were supposed to have an agreement that CHOP would be gone by June 28.Known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP), the zone comprises several city blocks in Seattle and encompasses an abandoned police precinct that officers haven’t returned to for weeks.When the Jeep came around the corner moments later, at least three loud gunshots could be heard before the teens crashed into the barricade.

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Super 5 star breakfast casserole recipes
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